May 31 - 01 - 02 June 2019

Ivory Coast, Abidjan

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The FFAA or the Abidjan Animation Film Festival is therefore an important cultural event that will offer to its participants another vision of animation and its leading role in the employment and development of emerging countries in the world years to come.

How to reveal the importance of animation socially and culturally in the emergence of developing countries?

Think about a solution to this problem is to carry out concrete actions of which one more pragmatic is the creation of a festival entirely dedicated to the animation.


Created on December the 13th, 2014 from the initiative taken by professionals and supporters of the Animation field, the Ivorian Association of Animation Film (AIFA) is a young ambitious association that has a lot to show, and especially a lot of challenges to take on. The AIFA has set for itself key objectives aimed at globally promoting. the animation field. It’s most important aim being that of improving the visibility of the animation field as a profession ,while still making it accessible to all. Aware of its importance in the emergence of developing countries, and in order to rise up to all these challenges, AIFA launched the Abidjan Animation Film Festival (FFAA). An annual and cultural event which for the duration of 3 days will offer festival-goers another vision of animation and its leading role in terms of employment and development.
On the 06th, the 07th and the 08th of July 2018 was held The first edition of the Abidjan Animation Film Festival (FFAA) organized by the Ivorian Film Association Animation (AIFA). This event was held on three different sites. The French Institute, the Carbon Building and the ESMA School.
On Friday, July 06th 2018 debuted the opening ceremony, starting at 8.00 AM with guests settling at the French Institute. Once guests had settled in, the conference on "The role of public authorities in the animation sector" started. The conference was led by three panelists. Mr Kouamé Abel and Mr Simon Adaé from Côte d'Ivoire along with Mr. Paré Wilfried from Burkina Faso. Côte d'Ivoire’s Representatives expressed their views regarding their past experiences by mentioning the fact that in Côte d'Ivoire, the government had come up with the Cultural Industry Support Fund (FONSIC), in order to grant actors of audiovisual productions in the Animation field, subventions. These subventions were granted in order to allow them to produce their audiovisual projects. On the other hand, the actors working in the same field in Burkina Faso are forced to find their own funds and therefore do not receive any subvention from their government. After the different panelists opinions on the role played by public authorities in this sector were voiced, a Q&A between the assembly and the panelists took place. It is on a satisfactory and conquered note that the crowd was invited to a cocktail organized for all guests. The afternoon of the same day was entirely dedicated to film screenings selected during the competition. The program that took place on the first day, ended around 9 PM. Around the same time was taking place projections at the Carbone building and at the Order of architects cinema hall.
On Saturday, July 07th 2018 was the second day of the festival. On that day, the entire team invited festival-goers at the Carbone building, where two Conferences scheduled for 9:00 am took place. The first theme was "The difference between 2D and 3D". At the conference, panelists Mr. Abel KOUAME and Mr. Pierre SINDO from Côte d’Ivoire, Mr. El Hadji Malick SECK from Senegal, Mr. Minta DRAMANE from Mali and Mr. Wilfried PARE from Burkina Faso, based on their knowledge of the 2D and the 3D field, explained the difference between both animation techniques. The second conference was focused on learning about "How to make an animated film". Each producer simply talked about his preferred method of work.
The afternoon was dedicated to film screenings selected during the competition. In the evening around 7.00 PM was held the Animation Film Awards ceremony. During the ceremony, AIFA insisted on rewarding the work produced by African animated film producers. A total of 34 films from 14 countries were submitted, but only 17 of the films selected caught the eye of the Selection Board committee. 03 films were chosen for the “feature films” category, 07 films for the " Short films " category, and 07 other films for the "TV Shows " category. A jury composed of the four members mentioned above had the difficult task to choose which candidates were nominated. The prize for the best feature film was awarded to Mr. Claye Edou of Cameroon for his film entitled "Minga and the broken spoon". The Best Short Film Award went to Mr. Malinga Robin from Uganda for his film titled "A Kalabanda ate my homework" and the prize for the best series was awarded to N'Ganza Hermann of Côte d'Ivoire for his film "La Petite Pokou ". Each laureate gave thanks to AIFA and the organizing team led by the President of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Abel KOUAME. It is on joyful notes that all the guests shared the cocktail that was served to them. The ceremony ended at 9.00 PM.
The next day, Sunday July 08th, 2018, was a day dedicated to projections only. The festival-goers were once again present. The last projection session ended at 5.00 PM. Between two screenings, games were organized giving festival-goers the opportunity to receive gadgets offered by TV5 world and TIVI5.
Around the same time, on the 06th, the 07th and the 08th of July 2018 was taking place a training workshop on the "3D Animation" theme at the ESMA school, located in Riviera II. This workshop was led by three professionals in the field: M. Hermann N'GANZA, Mr. Maxime KOUAME respectively Artistic Director and Production Assistant at AFRIKA TOON and with Mr Steve GODE Manager at MOTION FX Studio. Participants of the training courses already had notions in the field which facilitated teaching lessons.
At the end of the festival, we do note that everything went well in general with more than 25,000 people reached on the platforms dedicated to the festival. The FFAA first edition made it possible to understand needed room for Improvements in terms of organization. When it comes to financing the event in the years to come, we were advised to secure confirmed partnerships. It would also be good to fill in the gap between projections to avoid long waiting hours. Compiles of AIFA productions should made in order to maintain the audience entertained between off-peak hours. The FFAA First Edition really did take place, and we are optimistic when it comes to the next editions.
Done in Abidjan, on July 10th 2018
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