About the event



How to reveal the importance of animation socially and culturally in the emergence of developing countries? Think about a solution to this problem is to carry out concrete actions of which one more pragmatic is the creation of a festival entirely dedicated to the animation. The FFAA or the Abidjan Animation Film Festival is therefore an important cultural event that will offer to its participants another vision of animation and its leading role in the employment and development of emerging countries in the world years to come. Every year, Abidjan will be the African capital of the animated film and during 3 days will be held various activities that will celebrate the animated film in all its dimensions. Like festivals such as the International Animation Film Festival of Annecy in France or the African Animation Film Festival (CANIMAF) in Cameroon, the FFAA wants to be international and unifying around a common passion. Created from these different reflections led by professionals and sympathizers of animation, the FFAA is an initiative of the Ivorian Association of Animation Film (AIFA). international et fédérateur autour d’une passion commune. Créé à partir de ces différentes ré exions menées par des professionnels et sympathisants de l’animation, Le FFAA est une initiative de l’Association Ivoirienne du Film d’Animation (AIFA).


Créée le 13 décembre 2014, Created on December 13, 2014, the Ivorian Association of Animation Film (AIFA) has set several global objectives to promote animation in Ivory Coast and Africa.
These include:
- improve the visibility of animation professions
- reveal the benefits of exercising in animation
- sstress the importance of animation in the emergence of developing countries
- make the field of animation accessible.
Several means are implemented to achieve these objectives. Mr. Kouamé Abel, president of the association, develops biannual activities such as masterclasses with subjects as varied as instructive related to the professions in animation.
The scope of activities of the AIFA, which for the moment is limited to the city of Abidjan will expand to reach the rest of Côte d'Ivoire and Africa.
In addition, the Association's participation in international events and festivals dedicated to animation is a primer to this enterprise. AIFA is an ambitious young organization that still has many things to present, but above all many challenges to overcome, the most important of which is the organization of its first animation festival.


What are the objectives in creating this festival?

Behind the creation of a festival is always a goal. And the main goal of the Abidjan Animation Film Festival (FFAA) is to promote animated film in Africa where it is still dubious.
Indeed, despite the difficulties, especially the shy infatuation with the animation that our African countries are experiencing, the idea of creating a festival around animation is therefore a necessity of the first order.
It will therefore be a question for the FFAA to show the public authorities the benefit to Côte d'Ivoire of hosting this kind of event when we know the benefits that African countries, and in particular Côte d'Ivoire, could derive from interesting now in animation.

Why an animation festival in Abidjan?

Abidjan wants to be a pioneer of animation in Africa.
Already housing 4 active animation studios that produce, among other things, feature films and animated series, the city of Abidjan, Through this festival, will confirm its leading position in animation in Africa and will be for 3 days an essential place of animation.